Friday, January 29, 2010

Amazing Things I Saw at a Nudist Beach

Well it is obvious that I saw a lot of nudity. I was a young soldier in Germany. Naturally when I heard that all lakes had a family beach and a nudist beach, I headed for the nudist beach. I wanted to see a whole lot of naked German girls.

I did in fact see a whole lot of German girls. What surprised me is how quickly I got over my nervousness to taking my clothes off. It was about five minutes before I felt completely at home walking around naked.

I also found talking to naked German girls easier than talking to clothed girls. It is like we shed our inhibitions. I spent two days there. The second day there I spent all day on the blanket with a beautiful young German girl.

What surprised me was not what I saw, it was what I did not see. No one stared. I did not see a single erection on a guy. I did not see a single couple making out much as less making it. It is if the nakedness was the opposite of sex. What was the only negative situation in the two days was on the second day, a bunch of GIs came down in their uniforms came down. They were standing around, laughing and pointing. It was very embarrassing for me as an American. I walked up to them and told them to either get naked or get out. They chose to get out, but I clearly understood where the term UGLY AMERICANS came from.

So should you decide to check out a nudist beach here are some ground rules for you to follow: get naked like everyone else, don't laugh and point, enjoy the view but don't stare and don't try to hit on anyone while you are there. Nudity is the great equalizer.

After two days, I found that I was actually bored and had to go over to the family beach and see some girls in bikinis to get interested again.. It just goes to show you that a little mystery is good. On the other hand, I also found that a lot of nudity was also good just for different reasons.

Best Fishing Holidays in Morocco

Two oceans; over 300 miles of Mediterranean coastline and 2000 miles of Atlantic coastline; snow-capped mountains up to 13.700 feet high with innumerable rivers flowing down their slopes; over 200.000 hectares of wetland and a fluvial network of thousands of miles; dry, hot deserts magically spotted withwadis and oases; this is just a sample of what Morocco has to offer you if fishing is your passion.

Morocco enjoys excellent conditions for fishing both in fresh and salt waters. The stunning landscapes, the warm and sunny weather and the biodiversity of its coasts and countryside guarantee a most rewarding and memorable fishing adventure in one of the most impressive fishing venues in the world.

In Morocco, anglers and fishermen and fisherwomen will have many opportunities for fishing inland, in the quiet waters of the rivers and lakes throughout the country, as well as at the seaside or on the wide-open seas and in their depths. Visitors can head out into the ocean to enjoy excellent deep-sea fishing or appreciate the tranquility and the panorama at the bank of a river or while sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake.

If your main interest is to fish inland, the Middle Atlas is probably your best choice, since it provides many opportunities in its lakes and rivers. Although many species can be fished in Morocco's fresh waters, trout is probably the most common inland catch. It can be fished in the wadis and in the stunning gorges, and some of the best spots for fishing trout are the bases of Azrou (near the Aghmas lakes), Khenifra on the Oum er Rbia River, Ifrane and its wonderful National Park, and Ouirgane on the Nfis River. Also, Bin el Ouidane, near Beni Mellal, is a great spot for fishing its huge bass.

But Morocco's lakes are packed with dozens of species of fish and provide spectacular sights. The most usual species found in Moroccan lakes are pike, roach, black bass, barbels, perch, carp and eels, and the season is generally between May and June, depending on the species. Also, many anglers recommend the region near Bab Adrar D'Atlas, which is Berber for "The Doorway to the Atlas Mountains", where there are several deep mountain lakes. There, black bass, barbell, perch and trout are fished.

Travel Fishing Rods

Travel Fishing Rods - Be Ready All the Time
For a keen fisherman, travel fishing rods become a fairly essential piece of equipment. They are perfect to carry around for that camping vacation, weekend away on the coast, or impromptu day off.

Good travel rods are compact, yet do not sacrifice quality or functionality. There are many types of rods available designed especially for travelling. Most offer all the same important features as their regular versions. You just need to have a look around, and know what you are looking for! Easy... right? Most of the time, yes!

You are are candidate for a travel rod if:

- You are someone who enjoys fly fishing as a pastime
- You know someone who would appreciate the advantages of having a travel fishing rod
- You are looking to buy someone a great 'fishing gift'.

Bottom line, all travel fishing rods are a tool used to catch fish. In most instances the pieces are collapsible, requiring assembly before use. Among the most commonly used rods are: Trailing; Telescopic; Fiber; Tenkara; Spin and Bait Casting; Spinning; Ultra-light; and Ice, Sea and Surf Rods.

It is important to purchase a fishing rod best suited to the requirements. In general, picking out a good fishing rod will depend on the required resistance to breaking. Plus its overall performance with regards to angling and casting. Of all the things to consider, the most important one is, without a doubt, ensuring the rod you buy is right for the type of fishing to be done.

Travel rods come in various sizes and designs, which is why it is so important to know the type of fishing to be done. A fly fishing travel rod, for example, is not suitable when it comes to handling big fish. For that kind of expedition, a Trolling Rod or Surf Rod are best. This generally is the case when targeting medium to large sized fish.

Travel rods typically come in exploded designs of four to seven pieces. Plus they have also recently benefited from technology. Well, what hasn't these days? One can now get very precise handling specifications.

Another thing you should know is that most quality travel fishing rods also come with a case. That is important because it makes life a whole lot easier when you are out and about. So, don't just grab a few sticks in a bag! Purchase a good quality travel rod and you'll always be prepared to hook up with some hot fishing action.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Currency Exchange Services

Why Travel Agencies That Offer Currency Exchange Services Are Going Places
The next generation of travel agencies are gearing up to offer more comprehensive time-saving travel services, all in one location. One of the best ways travel businesses can offer top notch services to travelers is to include an onsite currency exchange service.

Enter CurrencyXchanger SETA. Clear View Systems Ltd, of Vancouver, British Columbia developed this specialized software so travel agencies could provide an onsite service, similar to the money exchange outlets found in airports. The company provides a full training program for new customers and a full year of technical support. What's more, travel agencies can have a money exchange service up and running in less than a day.

Here's what travel agencies with currency exchange services can expect:

Increased revenue: Your foreign currency exchange business can be a profitable side business. It enhances your existing travel business while providing an additional revenue source.

Promotional opportunities: In exchange for buy-backs at reasonable rates for unused travel currency, you can offer your valued customers a discount on a future flight or another special travel package.

Satisfied customers: Customers prefer dealing with people they know. Business travelers who remember your extensive all-inclusive service are more likely to return for a well planned family vacation package.

Customer peace of mind: Traveling can be stressful. Your travel customers can relax knowing they'll arrive at their destination prepared with the right currency for a taxi, tip or bite to eat. They won't have to be constantly on the look out for the next foreign exchange service and having to pay service fees each time.

Next generation technology: Today's traveler wants the best travel technology available. CurrencyXchanger is next generation currency exchange software that offers the travel industry an affordable, easy to use, money exchange service.

With all the advantages of running a currency exchange service, it just got easier for travel agencies to go that extra mile for valued customers.

CurrencyXchanger SETA is the money exchange solution for travel agencies who want to offer a bonus service to valued customers. This software has been featured on and and rated by professional users as the leading product in its category.

How to Get Fun Travel Jobs

Do you want a travel job that is both fun and exciting?

There are plenty of jobs that all involve travel, fun, and excitement. For the youthful fresh graduates and for the young at heart, fun travel jobs are the perfect kind of job.

Here are some of them:

Adventure Guide

This job is truly exhilarating. If you are an outdoors person and just love being with other people doing adventurous activities, this career is exactly what you wanted.

Being an adventure guide gives you the opportunity to travel to scenic places and locations that offer thrilling activities like whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and even bungee jumping. Adventure guides have the responsibility to organize and lead groups. Their main goal is to give the most enjoyable experience possible.

Training may be required for whatever activity or itinerary you may want to specialize on. When you have sufficient training and certifications, you can be easily hired by agencies that provide these services to willing clients. Pay is good and the accommodations and food are typically free.

Musical Performer

Being a performer is always fun as long as you are passionate about your craft. This kind of career can make you go places and not just to any old location. You get to perform in tourist destinations where fun, pleasure, and relaxation is paramount.

Are you a talented DJ? You can play in Ibiza clubs for all kinds of the beautiful people like models, celebrities, and other fun-loving social creatures.

Do you play in a band? Cruise ships are another great option. You can play there and become a mini-celebrity aboard the ship.

Performers are paid well and they can get a lot of tips from satisfied vacationers. You'll be having fun traveling while doing what you love most which is playing music.

Casino Dealer

If gambling is your idea of fun, then be a casino dealer! The pure thrill of combining luck, skill, and guts into play will be yours to experience. You can work in Las Vegas, Macaw, Atlantic City, anywhere. Gambling is everywhere but if you really want to enjoy your travels, secure a spot in cruise lines with casinos.

Training and certifications are needed but they can be attained while you are still at home. In some schools, you can get the precious training you need through internships in different gambling establishments.

Public Speaking

If getting adulation and staying at posh hotels is your thing, public speaking is a good career option for you. Public speakers will get highly paid for just an hour of their time on stage. If that is not enough incentive, speakers get to travel to various places, stay in luxurious hotels, and eat the best food, usually all for free. Depending on the negotiations, these are all paid by your clients.

Anyone can become a professional public speaker. However, it requires expertise and brilliant marketing skills to achieve success. It is mostly a business venture as you are selling your skills in persuasion, motivation, and entertainment.

Best Places to Travel in Asia

Asia has been recognized all throughout the world as the continent that houses heaps of marvelous beaches and rich cultural heritage. In fact, many Western travelers find several countries in Asia as their haven and perfect places to relax their body from a whole year round of tiring activities. What we have here are top Asian destinations that you and your family will definitely love.
The country of Thailand receives millions of tourist visits every year. Despite some troubles affecting its current government, visitors and travelers are not affected with it since all they want is to have a place to relax and enjoy a perfect holiday. Spots like Phuket and Bangkok are two of the most visited regions in Thailand that boast their rich and crystal clear beaches.
People most associate Indonesia with the devastating tsunami that hit the country and few of its neighbors in 2004. But honestly, Indonesia is more than what we think it is. The country prides hundreds of world renowned tourist destinations such as beaches, live museums, and magnificent scenic beauty.
The towering temples and grand pagodas in the country are among the most popular destinations in Indonesia that continue to receive millions of visitor each year. Travelers, historians, and other visitors never miss to take photographs of these places during their visit.
Adding to that heritage are the enticing beaches populating the country. Bali in particular is a world class destination where pristine beaches are abundant. Hollywood movie stars often spend their vacation here and many newly webs are also taking pleasure in the island.
Dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines dearly proved that glory by showcasing tons of tourist attractions present in the archipelago. The country is not just home to luxurious beach clubs such as those built in Boracay, but also to compassionate and loving citizens. The country is also a sanctuary of several endangered species as the spotted dear.
For tourists who love to go by the beach, the country can provide many places to spend a fabulous vacation. Aside from Aklan where the famous Boracay can be found, places like Negros, Panay, Apo, and Palawan are also good places to spend a beach holiday.

Travel Destinations For Couples

Travel Destinations For Couples - Bed and Breakfast Getaways

If you and your spouse or partner need to take a vacation from the kids, but can't afford an exotic trip to some island paradise, then a B&B getaway could be right up your alley. If you don't know what a Bed and Breakfast lodge is then you are in for a treat. Usually hosted in a large house, with many romantic bedrooms, you are able to get away from it all without breaking the bank.

When you arrive you are warmly greeted by your host, who gets you all settled down in your room. These rooms can be simple affairs to quite exotic themes, but one thing you won't see in many of these is a television.

You are able to eat breakfast and even dinner while staying at a Bed and Breakfast, and some even have activities that are included. One in Denver even offers a mystery theater dinner, where you can dine on fine food while trying to solve a 'real' murder mystery. Napa Valley, California, probably one of the largest wine producing areas in North America, has many B&B's that also offer wine tasting tours around the valley. In the Eastern part of the U.S., many offer a variety of adventures, including horse back riding, and even shopping for antiques.

Bed and Breakfast getaways are easy to find online, and offer a variety of different packages. You can book these for just overnight, or even a weekend or more, depending on your budget. There are even packages that include meals with your stay, and even if you don't, they still offer home town cooking right on the premises.